We aim for the best solution!


Our driving principle is that we always aim to find the best solution for our clients, our ecosystem, and ourselves. 

To achieve this goal, we follow a thorough decision process to develop the best possible solution.  We commit ourselves to accept the two fundamental insights that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and that your ego will always encourage your desire to follow your solution. Here we refer to the principles of Ray Dalio.

  • We foster a decision process based on adequate data analysis, relevant information research, and believability of decision-makers
  • We use triangulation (‘six-eye-principle’) in our discussions to avoid bias triggered by ego and hierarchy
  • A thoughtful disagreement is a highly relevant input that sharpens our thinking to shape the best result
  • We can question decisions in the aftermath which may lead to a reasonable revision.

Our Values

At aioneers, we are a diverse group of individuals with a broad set of complementary skills and strengths, differing in life experience and seniority, and the origin and cultural backgrounds. We share a mindset on how we work, interact with our clients and ecosystem, and how we behave as ambassadors for aioneers, sharing our ideas and values.


Our working culture is based on strong core values derived from our actions and way of thinking. These are embedded in our company behavior and the indisputable foundation for our working environment. These allow us to be able to grow as a safe harbor. The motivation for our people’s growth mindset is to continuously strive to grow as individuals and businesses in different dimensions.

Core values

Living Sustainability​

Family spirit​

Vibrant Passion​

Fluid Organization​

Respectful Integrity​

Continuous Curiosity​

Lean Digitalization

Growth mindset

Personal growth



Professional development

Business growth

Customer value