AIO on GitHub

AIO on GitHub is an open-source project to provide our supply chain science community with forward-thinking supply chain data science tools to address every supply chains core goal: performance, resilience, and sustainability.

Our Goals

For us at aioneers, it is vital that we are giving back to our community. 

We operate in the field of supply chains, helping organizations close their supply chain performance gap while retaining resilience and furthering sustainability. See our Manifesto.

It is crucial for us that a part of our work provides the supply chain science community with an open-source, free-to-use code for building applications. Insightful explanations and tutorials will accompany this so that supply chain scientists worldwide can achieve the same we aim for: strengthened resilience, sustainability, and optimized supply chain performance. 

We happily welcome contributions from anyone sharing the same goal, to build and spread better supply chain data science tools.

We are dedicated to spending up to 5% of our time on sharing, exchanging, and curating guides, with the end goal of accelerating our community’s efforts to build a more sustainable world.

Our Database

Read the available documentation and explore different supply chain data science tools on our GitHub. We’ll guide you through the tools available in a series of short videos.

AIO on GitHub: our OpenSource project
AIO on GitHub: XYZ Analysis tutorial
AIO on GitHub: vault_get_secret tutorial
AIO on GitHub: read_and_write tutorial