Getting to the next level of your supply chain.

Aioneers  supports its clients with highly experienced supply chain professionals with backgrounds from different companies and consulting firms. We developed a unique facts-driven, results-oriented and people-centric approach to supply chain consulting.

With our AIO platform we are able to provide a unique experience, best practices and support – even when our aioneers have left your premises. Starting with analyzing the operational data of your supply chain, we develop and optimize your supply chain strategy, processes, structures, and IT in a focused approach delivering fast, concrete results. In this process we connect closely with the people driving your supply chain, enable change and coach best practices –

towards a sustainable high-performance supply chain.

We provide end-to-end supply chain improvement services.

All starts with the right strategy.

We help you to formulate a compelling supply chain strategy – or to adjust an existing one to match new requirements, to improve performance, and to mitigate risks.

Our proven supply chain strategy development process encompasses a clear methodology – deriving the supply chain strategy from the business strategy, from external factors, the current performance and maturity level of the supply chain, and your ambition and strategic plans.

We make sure that your supply chain strategy becomes a differentiating factor of your business and that it is pragmatic and ready to be implemented.

Collect the facts before you go.

We use our AIO platform to build a digital twin of your supply chain – down to a level of individual customer orders, manufacturing orders, procurement orders, shipments, forecasts, supply plans, etc. AIO is able to automatically analyze the data and to generate a list of findings and improvement areas.

Our experienced consultants work with your teams to create an in-depth improvement plan and come-up with a proper segmentation for your supply chain. This lays the foundations for all further functional and strategic improvements.

A good plan is the basis for better execution.

We shape digital and automated supply chain planning processes and systems – to generate real-life integrated demand and supply plans. We work with leading planning system vendors like SAP and o9. Based on AIO, we provide specialized optimization and automation tools for supply chain planning tasks, augmenting the capabilities of established planning systems and platforms.

Adapt your business to the new world.

The world is changing – and so needs your business. Whether you want to embrace the power of digital technology and data analytics, innovate products and services, exploit new business opportunities, enter new markets, make your operations greener, manage mergers & acquisitions, or react to new regulations and risks: Our proven business transformation methodology guides you effectively through the change.

During the change, we work together with your people, your customers and suppliers and further stakeholders in maintaining and enhancing your corporate culture and values – in order to create more value for your customers, shareholders, and society.

Make your goods flow.

We optimize the logistics, warehouse, and transportation operations to make your goods flow. Zero waste operations in logistics ensure a high customer service level and satisfaction, low operational cost and minimized working capital.

Our digitial platform AIO helps to understand all logistics operations in your supply chain to identify improvement areas and to design superior, digital logistics solutions and processes to match the requirements of your business.

Manage your operations.

We design managed production systems, exhibiting a closed-loop operational leadership cycle. Based on clear-cut, daily operational goals, operators work continuously on the gap between actual and targeted performance by systematic improvement actions.

Our AIO platform provides the foundation of this daily management system, supporting people on the shop floor with actual performance and quality parameters, providing operational issues and performance gaps. AIO learns from the past and actively proposes solution ideas to solve issues – things that worked in the past in your environment or within other production systems connected to the platform.

By this approach, we create superior operational excellence systems in manufacturing and logistics.

Digitalize the supply chain.

Assets in your supply chain, machines, equipment, trucks, tools, become smart and connected. We are able to access their state and condition, and influence their behavior in realtime – even in globally distributed supply chains. This enables us to apply Lean Management to global supply chains.

Our Lean SCM approach supports you in implementing Smart Factory concepts, Internet of Things and Continuous Improvement Processes in manufacturing, logistics and the whole supply chain – digitalizing your operations and assets.

Optimize your product architecture.

Supplying physical products to customers at the right time, the right location, and the right quantity is the core of supply chain management. The efficiency level of the supply operations strongly depends on the structure of the products.

By applying modularization, functional product design, requirements engineering, and product data management, we help you to optimize your product architecture to boost the performance of your supply chain in terms of service level, flexibility, breadth of offering, quality, cost, and working capital.