Would you benefit from Forecasting-as-a-Service?

Do you utilize best-of-breed forecasting technology? Even paired with clean and consistent data? No or not sure? It is widely accepted among supply chain practitioners, that even best-of-breed technology & clean, consistent data do not ensure successful forecasting if you have not the right people with right the level of experience with you. It is your decision to make the best team or to buy forecast as a service.

To help you find out, if your organization could benefit from forecasting as a service, we have prepared a brief questionnaire for you. Write down your Yes or No answers to the following twelve questions and click next once you’re done.

Would you benefit from Forecasting-as-a-Service?​

You answered 0-3 with No

Your forecasting process seems to cover your requirements. Forecasting as a Service should not be your focus at the moment.

You answered 4-7 with No

You are applying a reasonably sufficient forecasting process and understand the challenges it bears. In the long-term Forecasting as a Service could be an option for you to effectively and efficiently deal with changing business requirements and advances in technology.

You answered 8 -12 with No

There are many opportunities to be seized. You should definitely consider Forecasting as a Service.

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