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aioneers enables AI-based supply chain performance management generating real business results faster.

One platform for all performance improvements

We built AIO with a focus on intelligent execution. Get the results you expect and improve. From day one.

Supply Chain Exploration, Analytics & Surveillance
Optimization, Recommendations, Decision Augmentation
Steering & Tracking of Execution
Connectors to ERP, SCM and collaboration software

What can you do with our AIO platform?

With our pre-built solutions, you can kick-start your improvements today.

Our pre-built solutions for Working Capital, Sales & Operations Planning Execution, Daily Production Management, and Master Data enable you to solve challenging improvements faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. But this is only the beginning. We are constantly developing solutions for supply chain challenges where execution has been a pain.

How does it work?

Closed-loop supply chain performance management

The AIO platform assists you in getting out of fire fighting in your daily operations by introducing a closed-loop approach to systematically manage the performance of supply chains. This approach follows a simple idea: 1. permanent analysis and control of supply chain performance, 2. making recommendations on how to improve, and 3. organize the execution of selected recommendations.

What’s going on in my supply chain?

Understanding how your supply chain is evolving needs constant monitoring. Figuring out what causes problems needs explorative analytics to get to the root cause. We constantly perform supply chain performance analytics to figure out the relevant improvement areas.

Can I use my existing supply chain analytics? You can either do it with your own analytics infrastructure or use our managed services. In any case, we expect the necessary amendments to enable decision-supporting outcomes.

How to improve my supply chain?

Once you have been able to identify root causes you are able to come up with first ballpark figure on the potential you want to realize. Now you need to draw a realistic business case considering your specific requirements. We call these recommendations. This is an integral part of our closed-loop performance management workflow. You can benefit from AI/ML-based recommendations and you can integrate state-of-the art decision support systems, e.g. planning systems from leading third-party vendors.

How can I ensure execution?

What makes all the difference in our experience is a powerful execution. That does not mean a sober and boring workflow in order to only get things done. We combine AI/ML-based learning during the execution to better steer towards the expected outcome even when unexpected events show up. We use the latest technologies including gamification to make difficult initiatives more sustainable.

How can we improve your supply chain?